Sunday, September 29, 2013

Whispers From The Shadows

by Roseanna M. White
Harvest House Publishers

This exciting and adventurous romantic spy novel is the second book in a new series from Roseanna M. White. Whispers from the Shadows combines fascinating cloak-and-dagger secrets with a tale of love and intrigue during the War of 1812.
Treachery causes Gwyneth Fairchild's world to crumble. The daughter of a British general, she barely saves her life by fleeing London aboard a ship to America. Her goal is to find refuge with the Lane family in Maryland, having been told by her father she could implicitly trust Winter and Bennet Lane, even though their nations are once again at war. After meeting their son, Thad, she wonders how safe she truly is when she discovers that the Lanes trade in a dangerous commodity--espionage.
Not long after Gwyneth finds refuge in his city, Thad Lane experiences the tug of love, though he fears it may blur lines of loyalty. With family playing the part of enemies and enemies proving themselves friends, a future with Gwyneth is uncertain. But at this moment, with the British advancing on Washington and Baltimore, they have only their shared faith in God as a shield about them.

My Review:

Gwyneth and Thad were simply amazing characters. I know I've said I loathe perfect romances, but while their romance was beautiful, sweet, and tender, it very believable. I am a huge history lover, so the backdrop of a war won me over from the opening chapter. The settings and places were described by White in intricate detail, and I didn't get bored with any characters and their complex emotions and problems. Their faith was important and well portrayed, not at all overdone or dramatically flaunted. 

While the romance was wonderful, my favorite element of this novel lay with the codes and encrypted letters. The aspect of espionage really just set the perfect backdrop, and I enjoyed the element of danger and vulnerability of such perilous endeavors. The historical accuracy was wonderful (I admit, reading this book got me researching!) and taught me a lot about the time period and what life could have been like. A recommended read to anybody who likes a combination of good spy novel and plenty of romantic suspense.  

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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