Monday, September 30, 2013

Threads of Love

by Andrea Boeshaar
Realms Publishers

Emily Sundberg has her life all laid out. She has a respectable job as a teacher and an idea of whom she should marry.  But does God have a better plan?

Emily Sundberg considers herself a proper young lady of the twentieth century. But a decade ago she behaved more like a tomboy. So when the neighbor’s grandson came to visit one summer when she was thirteen, they became fast friends. Emily even got her first kiss—quite by accident.

Unfortunately Jake Edgerton told all the boys something else. Rumors circulated, and Emily caved from embarrassment and guilt. Meanwhile Jake returned home to Fallon, Montana and she never saw or heard from him again.

Over the years Emily has worked hard to prove to her peers and the people of Manitowoc, Wisconsin that, despite past mistakes, she is an upstanding young woman, one worthy of being a schoolteacher—and possibly Andy Anderson's wife. But even with the passing of time, Emily has never forgotten Jake and how he nearly ruined her life…

And now he's a US Deputy Marshal and he’s back in town!

My Review:

Lilly was sassy as all get out, and full of frills and lace. Underneath it all, she really is quite a tomboy - reformed into a lady now that she's all grown up. Her first kiss has shown up unexpectedly back into town; as a US Deputy Marshall and ready as ever to butt heads with his childhood playmate. I really enjoyed her antics to get Andy Anderson's attention, and I found it absolutely hilarious how he completely ignores her like she didn't even exist

Overall, this story was about forgiveness, love, restoration and second chances. There were many twists and turns that kept the story fresh and exciting. I was particularly excited about the turn of the century setting, and I was effortlessly drawn to the story like a moth to flame. It was a wonderful novel, and I recommend it to anyone who loves historical fiction with a little extra romance on the side. 

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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