Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beneath The Dover Sky

by Murray Pura
Harvest House Publishers

It is 1924 and the ravages of World War I is over. The destruction wrought by the battles fought almost six years in the past are not ever to be forgotten. A man by the name of Adolf Hitler writes a book called Mein Kampf, and it is uncertain whether he poses a threat to Europe. Jerusalem is rife with tension between the Jewish people and Arab Muslims, and the world is holding it's breath in the interim between wars. 

Born a year before the Civil War ended, the recently named Lord Preston is having a birthday celebration in the family's summer home in Dover. The seven Danforth children and their families face plenty of crossroads and make choices that will affect the rest of their lives and generations after them. But as the journey into this family's life continues, everything they believe as believers will be severely tested. Will they be able to stand against what is to come? Or will they inevitably loose their faith in light of what is happening in their world?

In this second installment of The Danforths of Lancashire, the compelling story of a loving family is continued as they overcome obstacles none of them thought they would ever face. They will make you wish you were part of their family, even with all the problems they have to solve despite the odds! My favorite element in the story (besides the well-rounded characters that are absolutely memorable) is that the women are strong in their beliefs and determined to achieve their goals in life. Pura does not make his female characters swoon at the sight of every handsome man, and that is to be commended - especially with the seamless tie-in of historical facts and events. I felt as if these could be real people of the past, not some fairy tale, feel good, happily-ever-after characters. If you don't read normally read any Christian Fiction, do yourself a favor and pick up this novel. You won't regret it. 

This book was provided by Harvest House Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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