Monday, September 9, 2013

City on Fire

by Tracy Higley
Thomas Nelson Publishers

Cato is a wealthy politician who has tired of Rome's corruption and hopes to find a better political scene in Pompeii. He doesn't play the power games of his peers, but finds that Pompeii is just as corrupt as the city he left behind. Things are looking bad for the Christians in the city, and Cato's family is in danger if he does not go along with what is expected of him. He looks for allies in the city, and instead discovers a group of Christians who confuse everything he's ever learned about life. And they hide a certain young woman who's existence may be the answer they all seek for resolutions to their unique problems. 

Ariella is nothing but a runaway slave in the coastal town of Pompeii. She has a a secret however, that could make her life worthless if discovered; she is disguised as a boy and gladiator. She is an excellent fighter, but the chance of discovery is determined only by her skills. She has a very good reasons for her deception, and she sees no other course for her life but to hide who she truly is. When Cato shows up looking for supporters, will she be able to trust him with her secret in order to save her fiends and his family? Or is the city of fire going to destroy everything they have worked for? 

Historical fiction is always going to be my favorite genre. But without question, this Biblical era saga has grabbed my attention in it's details, the way the characters interact, and the way the story moves along with the intrigue of the ancient city of Pompeii as it's backdrop. It is exciting and fast-paced, and the peek into the lives for the Christians of this time period was fresh and rich with historical details. I loved everything about this novel, and I am confident that even if one is not particularly drawn to this sort of book, it can be enjoyed by anyone. 

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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