Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Wedding For Julia

by Vanetta Chapman
Harvest House Publishers

Julia Beechy's life is completely uprooted when she receives the news that she must either marry or move out of the family home. Not only is she about to loose her mother, she will also loose the home she's lived in all her life. Her dream of opening her own cafe is slipping away like so much sand on a beach, and she is powerless to stop the frightening changes that will be taking place in her life. 

Caleb Zook thinks it is much too late in his life to marry, but he is compelled to offer his protection to Julia through a marriage proposal. The only hitch is that they barely know one another, and a marriage to Caleb simply for the sake of getting married seems more daunting that anything else Julia has ever faced. With a storm threatening Pebble Creek, Wisconsin, and so many things up in the air, will Caleb and Julia have a chance to make a go of a relationship despite everything happening in their lives?

The thing I liked the best about this story was the strong sense of community and family represented by the Pebble Creek characters. There were people from the previous two books whose stories were expounded upon and revisited, but in no way overshadowed the plot. Julia and Caleb's relationship throughout the book was very sweet and when they finally had their first spat I couldn't help but love them even more. Chapman conveys emotions well to the reader through her characters, and arrested my attention with not only her writing style, but her excellent portrayal of human relationships.

This book was provided by Harvest House Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. Thanks so much for your review, Deborah. I'm glad you enjoyed this conclusion to the Pebble Creek stories. Your readers could watch for the free short ebooks related to this series, Home to Pebble Creek (already released) and Christmas at Pebble Creek (11-1-13).