Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Swept Away

by Mary Connealy
Bethany House Publishers

Ruthy MacNeil is separated from her family during an unsuccessful river crossing en-route to California. No harm done, as the family isn't really her own, but a family that took her in when her parents died. Working her day in and day out for years, she feels no obligation to look for them. Finally free of such an abusive family, she is relieved because they were planning on marrying her off to their less than honorable son. Disoriented, confused, and miles away from the scene of the accident, she wakes up in a man's arms. 

But then Luke Stone carts her off on his horse, having no time to stop and see what became of her "family". Which suits Ruthy just fine. Until she finds out that he's headed straight for his ranch in a podunk town in the middle of nowhere (Texas), that is currently in the hands of one Flint Greer. And Luke has no intention of backing down until he reclaims what was stolen from his father. The problem lies in the exact details of securing the ranch. While Luke has the deed to the land, Greer has enough goons to discourage any kind of takeover. Luke has friends from his Regulator days, but will it be enough to take back his ranch? And what exactly is he to do with Ruthy, who has quickly laid claim to his affections and heart?

First things first. Luke and his friends are absolutely amazing. I'm not the kind of girl to fall for a bunch of fictional characters, but these guys are just awesome! I almost wish they were my brothers or at least real people. But on a more serious note, Connealy brings, yet again, another spectacular novel to the line-up, a solid winner. Her writing makes me reconsider my dislike of cowboys and ranchers, and makes me wish I could travel in the past for a chance to see the lives of the people contained in these pages. You will enjoy this romantic comedy no matter who you are; and the characters will quickly find a place in your heart.

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