Friday, September 27, 2013

Not By Sight

by Kathy Herman
David C. Cook

Her sister couldn't be alive … could she?

The little girl she spotted outside a store in Foggy Ridge had to be Riley Jo, her long-lost sister. Abby Cummings is certain. Almost. But her family has had their hopes dashed before and quickly dismisses the idea. After all, her father and sister have been missing for five years, and are presumed dead. 

Abby refuses to ignore her intuition. She and her best friend, Jay, team up to track down the child in the face of scorn and doubt from all sides. But warnings from a mysterious stranger hint at a darker story, one that might not end well unless they leave it alone. 

Abby and Jay know too much to turn back, but too little to uncover the truth of what really happened. The only weapon they have is blind it enough? 

My Review:

The story is very well presented by Herman, as it can be difficult to write about missing people and the subsequent search for them. She drew me into the story and put me right in the middle of the action, emotion and drama. It made me feel as if I was personally responsible for finding Riley Jo and Mr. Cummings. The mysterious elements of the story really kept my attention, and I just had to know how the story ended. The characters were easy to identify with and very well developed.  

My absolute favorite element in this story was the focus on faith. Abby faces so much uncertainty with the loss of her father and sister, and the questions that gnaw at her about their fate would be enough to break down even the strongest of people. When the death of a family member happens, it's hard. But harder yet is knowing that they simply vanished into thin air, never to return. Abby's faith and friendship with Jay are the only things that keep her going, and Herman clearly writes her character as someone who isn't perfect, but has faith in the One we should all put our trust in. 

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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