Wednesday, September 11, 2013


by Shelley Shepard Gray
Avon Inspire

Elsie Keim has a wonderful family, a roof over her head, and a place to lay her head at night. While all her needs are provided for, there is something her family cannot give her - a normal life. From an early age, she has been afflicted by a disease that will eventually rob her of the ability to see. The disease has progressed to the point where she no longer dreams of a good life or that of a typical Amish wife. Her family is prepared to care for her the rest of her life, but all Elsie wants is a life she can never have. Who would want a damaged woman, anyway?

Landon Troyer has his entire life mapped out and planned to the tiniest detail. He has saved money and worked very hard to buy his own house and land, and all he needs is a capable wife to be his help meet. The only problem lies in finding that one woman that will fit in with all of his plans. So when he meets Elsie, it seems that everything is finally falling into place for him. But when troubling facts come to light, will he be disappointed with the truth? Or is love really worth paying the price of your dreams? 

This final conclusion to the Days of Redemption series by Shelley Shepard Gray was the perfect ending to a story fraught with the realities of life. The resolution of family secrets is no easy task, but the Keim family sticks together even through the hard times. No matter what they face, they look to God and each other to get them through the rough road of redemption, forgiveness, and grace. This novel by Gray is a shining example of what it means to be a family through the most difficult of circumstances, and what it means to be truly loved. I really enjoyed this novel and series, and will be recommending it to others.

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