Friday, September 20, 2013

Fired Up

by Mary Connealy
Bethany House Publishers

Dare Riker is a man who saves lives, but he is not altogether convinced that he should be a doctor. With his experience during the Civil War, he's worked under a doctor's care. But now he's flying solo in the huge state of Texas, and he is the only doctor for 200 miles in each direction. He feels like a fraud by saying he a medical professional, but it seems like people can't stop having accidents that require his help. Between the avalanche that threatened to take out a few of his friends, the fire in his home/medical office, and various other incidents he can't seem to get under control, it seems people can't stop getting sick or hurt. Will he ever be able to begin a new life? Or is he forever stuck as a sub-par doctor?

Glynna Greer has had anything but an easy life. She's been widowed for a second time, raising two children on her own, no money, no resources, or a place to stay. She doesn't even have a plan for the future. When the town's diner becomes short an owner, she becomes the town's only cook. As her cooking is nothing to sneeze at, the majority of the town's men end up at Dr. Riker's door with stomachaches on a daily basis. Clearly, cooking is not her calling, but there is nothing else she can do to make a living. Then her attraction to Dr. Riker is further complicating her life - especially since she promised her son, Paul, that she wouldn't remarry without his consent. How is she going to fix everything that is wrong in her world? And will her children ever feel safe again?

This is a historical romantic comedy that I will never feel guilty about reading. It was just the kind of novel that you start reading hoping that it's good, and end up loving by the bottom of the first page. With Fired Up, you're going to get more than just a warm fuzzy feeling in the cockles of your heart; you're going to get an amazing story, an adventure that rivals any literary journey you've ever taken, and characters that will stay with you forever. Contrary to the popular belief that romantic comedies are for women; I highly recommend this to not only men, but even for the ladies that stay away from this genre.

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