Friday, September 14, 2012

Thorn in My Heart

by Liz Curtis Higgs

Random House

In 1788 Scotland, twin brothers, Evan and Jamie McKie vie for a father's blessing. When the elder McKie gives the blessing to the wrong brother, chaos and murderous threats ensue. Driven away from the prosperous estate of Glentrool by his jealous brother, Jamie flees to his uncle Lachlan's property of Auchengray with the blessing of his mother, Rowena. Once there, he hides his true intentions of seeking a bride among his cousins Leana and Rose, and agrees to work for a month for his uncle Lachlan while he decides which cousin to marry.

Somehow, everything goes wrong. From his wedding, to which woman he truly chose, to his return to Glentrool. Plagued by the deceit of the past and the lies of the present, hidden secrets and two sisters that vie for his heart, Jamie is torn between what is right - and what truly belongs to him.

From the beginning of this book till the last page, Thorn in My Heart will capture your imagination and your heart. The very human struggles each character faces, will endear them to you even more. The harshness of a father. The love of two sisters. And the undeserved redemption and forgiveness offered to one man who neither wants nor deserves it. It is a thrilling peek into the lives of a family that is very much like our own, who face the same challenges we do, and are as human as we are. A wonderful, recommended book and series. 

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