Friday, September 28, 2012

The Age of The Antichrist

by Jonathan Cash

Whitaker House

Ken Action is engaged to his co-anchor Sally, and life is happening exactly like he's always dreamed it would. He's at the top of the news market, and he is the king of his own world. But when millions suddenly disappear, his Sally among them, he is determined to find out what happened to them. In his search for the truth, Ken receives an offer he cannot refuse. Will he become one of the deceived, or is Ken finally ready to receive God into his life?

Immanuel Bernstate is a banker, and he wants to be at the top of the game. With the help of Blasphemy, a five star general in Satan's army, Immanuel reaches the ultimate power as the world president of the United Nations of the world. Killing whoever stood in his way, and deceiving any remaining dissenters, the age of the Antichrist begins.

This book was full of excitement and held me in the grip of anticipation through every word, every page and every chapter. It was all I wanted to know about a fictional, yet Biblical ends of days narrative in one compact, four hundred page book. I liked that is wasn't too long, yet it was detailed enough to have the character growth that one needs to connect, and the subject matter was very sobering indeed. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a simple, interesting, condensed version of the things that are yet to come.

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