Monday, September 17, 2012

Fair Is the Rose

by Liz Curtis Higgs

Random House

We return to 18th century Scotland to the thorny love triangle that is Jamie, Leana, and Rose. Desperately determined to have Jamie to herself despite his marriage for Leana, Rose employs every charm in her employ to bring his heart towards her own once more. She ignores her conscience thinking all is fair in love, never dreaming of the tragic consequences. Her sister, Leana, patient and full of faith in Jamie and God, never sees what the future has in store. But she dotes on Ian, hoping that she will one day be as happy as she once was. 

Jamie has every intention of returning to Glentrool to claim his stolen birthright. But again, things do not go well for him and his plans, and Lachlan delays him at every turn. Which McBride sister will be his bride upon his return? And will he be well received, or will Evan's jealousy that has taken root over two years finally yield it's bitter fruit? 

The saga continues in this breathtaking second installment of Higg's Scottish series. While I couldn't help but love each and every character development in this story, it broke my heart to read line after line of terrible, yet necessary details. I knew things had to happen, but that didn't make it any easier. There are moments of joy, pain, happiness, dread, peace, passion, faithfulness, heartache, and redemption, in every chapter. I reveled in every moment in all their lives, and I despaired with them when it seemed all was lost. While this book is very important to the story and a pivotal book in the series, it was hard to not get emotionally involved the more I read on. If you're not a fan of this author, by the time you get to this book in the Scottish saga you will be involved as you're going to get. Love, love, love this book and series. Highly recommended. 

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