Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leaving Yesterday

by Kathryn Cushman

Bethany Publishers

Alisa Stewart is a mother who lost both her sons - one to death, and other to drug abuse. She has lost hope that her one son that was still alive would ever become the person he once was; happy, healthy, and the leader of every group. But when a detective arrives at her door following Kurt's call from rehab saying he's turning his life around and staying clean, she can't help but want to protect him.

Afraid Kurt is going to loose his second chance at life, she destroys the evidence that links her son to the murder the detective keeps asking questions about. But when another woman's son is put in jail for the crime her son committed, she is faced with an impossible choice. Give up her son who has become a better person, to save a boy that didn't deserve a second chance. Will Alisa give up everything for the truth?

At first, I was distracted by the story being told in first person, but as the book progressed it lent charm to the story and I really got into it. The contrasts between the characters that are Alisa's sons was a great pull for me in this book, and I enjoyed her character development as well as the relationship with her husband. Despite the one bad decision she made in the story, there were several she almost committed but didn't; which was to her credit and the saving of her marriage. It was a touching story of how one woman dealt with the grief of the loss of her sons, and a beautiful story how there is life after death in Jesus Christ.

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