Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stand-in Groom

by Kaye Dacus

Barbour Publishing

As a wedding planner, Anne Hathaway is used to coordinating and attending weddings, never being the bride. But then she meets George Laurence, and he seems to be exactly what she always dreamed of in a husband. She quickly discovers that he is a client, and is engaged with his heart belonging to someone else. She forges ahead with the business relationship, hoping that no one has realized she has more than a mere passing interest in her client. Will she loose her business for falling in love with George? Or does something bigger than both of them mean to stand in their way?

Despite the fact that this was the quirkiest retelling of a wedding EVER, I found the story enjoyable and interesting. Dacus may not be the most popular author of the genre, but I found her writing witty and funny. The people in this book find themselves in predicaments throughout the book, and there is character growth and development on all sides. Even after reading this first book from the Brides of Bonneterre Series, I would still have bought it if I had it to re-do. Charming, funny, heartwarming and big family drama all play a part in this story of a Louisiana family. Don't miss out on this lighthearted read.

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