Saturday, September 8, 2012

Menu for Romance

by Kaye Dacus

Barbour Publishers

Meredith Guidry is a professional events planner for her parent's company, and with her life a constant whirlwind, she's just never had a chance to settle down. Executive chef Major Daniel Xavier Kirby O'Hara is tied down to his family situation, and doesn't want to saddle a woman down with his life. Meridith and Major have worked together closely for eight years, and neither has been able to admit their attraction to one another. Will time be on their side when they finally discover the truth - and each other? Or is Major too late in his attempt to woo Meridith back into his arms?

Book two in the Brides of Bonneterre was as good as a big bowl of gumbo on a cold winter day. Dacus has written a novel that is funny, entertaining, and humorous that makes it hard to put down. She paints word pictures of the busyness of the kitchen during preparation for events, of Meridith's workload as she juggles coordinating events, and the sometimes crushing pressure of having a big family that smothers and teases you at every turn. I'm not sure how accurate a depiction this is of a typical family in Louisiana, but I enjoyed the book for what it was - a romance that kept my interest with snippets of Godly wisdom to encourage character growth. A good read and one I will recommend.

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