Saturday, September 22, 2012

Grace in Thine Eyes

by Liz Curtis Higgs

Random House

It is 1808 in the Scottish Lowlands, and Davina McKie lives in a world all her own. Mute since childhood, she spends her time drawing and playing her fiddle. Protected loyally by her younger twin brothers, Davina lives in security and love of her family. The twins, however, have other ideas. Unruly since they could walk, their father Jamie, finally sends them away to school hoping to make them men. Davina, left alone in Glentrool without the brothers who understood her best, has nothing but a lonely summer ahead of her. Her father suggests she visit some relatives in the isle of Arran, and Davina is more excited than she has ever been in her life.

But the summer visit in Arran is not all she thought it would be. She is invited to entertain the gentry with her fiddle, and what she thinks is an innocent accompaniment to her music becomes so much more. Ashamed at the turn of events, will there be redemption for Davina, or will a family's revenge be the end of her already shattered dreams?

This is my favorite book in the Scottish Trilogy series and it is a beautiful story of redemption and grace in the light of tragic circumstances. The character development is slow and patient, not fast and hurried, and I really felt as if I was walking in Davina's shoes. I saw things through her eyes, in that time, that place, that moment. A wonderful book and recommended if you can enjoy a story without the fairly tale ending.

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