Monday, September 10, 2012

A Case for Love

by Kaye Dacus

Barbour Publishers

Alaine Delacroix is a society reporter for the city of Bonneterre, Louisiana and she is on the hunt for a husband and a promotion at the news station. She is up against the biggest corporation in town to save her family's business, and Forbes Guidry is just the lawyer to help her. Forbes is committed to helping the small businesses in Bonneterre, even though it means going against his parent's company. Will Alaine be able to overlook Forbes conflict of interest and fall in love with him? Or will the very thought of who he is and what he represents keep her from listening to her heart?

The last book in the Brides of Bonneterre Series, it was a charming and enjoyable story. The characters were known to me from the previous two books, and it was well worth the read. The law and business elements were intriguing, and the story is very believable and tender as romance stories go. While realistically I wasn't sure that people in Forbes and Alaine's situation would have fallen in love, stranger things have happened in real life. So in the end, it is a recommended read if you like a good romance to pass the time away.

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