Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kelly's Chance

by Wanda Brunstetter

Barbour Publishing

Seventeen Kelly McGregor walks her father's mules along the Lehigh Canal in Pennsylvania. Doomed to the poor life of a canaler's daughter, she dreams of the day she can paint with real colors and have her own art shop. Not interested in marriage as a way out like her sister in fear she will have the same fate, she is trapped working for her father with no pay in return.

Mike Cooper owns a a general store along the canal, and he is looking for a wife. Praying that God will provide him the desire of his heart, he is completely unprepared when he meets Kelly. Upon seeing the beautiful pictures she draws with crude charcoal, he quickly offers to partner with her to sell her works of art. But will Kelly be receptive to the love Mike is willing to offer? Or will her fear of having the same life as her parents in love keep her from making the decision her heart wants to make?

A simple, yet poignant story of a canaler's daughter that is romantic, full of fun, and easy to read. Brunstetter makes it really easy to sit down and forget about everything else going on around you and just blow through the book.  I enjoyed the simplicity of this romance, and even though it was meant to be sweet and short, it was actually believable and the characters were very endearing. A good read if you appreciate simple, solid, sweet romances.

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