Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Perfect Match

by Janice Hanna

Barbour Publishing

Annie Peterson is the average nosy town sleuth when the local matchmaker's building goes up in flames. Naturally, she can't stay out of it, so she begins a hunt to find the arsonist. Is Opal, the elderly widow that runs the service the culprit? Is it the disgruntled newspaper editor that married his "unfortunate match"? Is it the investigator that her son is seemingly enamored of? Or perhaps a client that has never found her perfect match? Will Annie and her friends find the arsonist before another fire breaks out and her son falls in love with the wrong woman?

This was a humorous mystery with all the right elements in it to make it fun and interesting. Annie kept me laughing with all her shenanigans, as well as her best friend, Shelia, who endeavored to be a sleuth like Annie. The best element of the story is reading about Annie's misadventures when she opens up her home to a menagerie of animals and the resulting disasters that happen as a result. A fun mystery that actually kept me guessing.

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