Monday, October 22, 2012

Missing Mabel

by Nancy Mehl

Barbour Publishing

The funeral home Hilde Higgins works for as a hairdresser is not in the habit of switching or loosing bodies. But when that's exactly what happens, Hilde promptly confronts the funeral home director and is accused of stealing the personal property of the deceased. Desperate to save her reputation and solve the mystery of the missing Mabel, she embarks on a journey to find the truth. Will an old beau be able to help her save her career? Or will the doer slip through the cracks?

This book was enjoyable from the very first page. Hilde has an unfortunate name, and the worst of luck when it comes to life - and love. Between her struggle with her interest in Adam, the "crazy" old man she tries to befriend, the strange happenings at the boardinghouse where she lives, and the chain of events that plague the funeral home, Hilde has her work cut out for her. It was a captivating mystery that kept me turning pages despite the predictable outcome.

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