Friday, October 5, 2012

Finally a Bride

by Vickie McDonough

Barbour Publishing

Carly Payton returns to Lookout, Texas after being gone for a decade. In prison for much of that time, she is a changed woman that knows she is forgiven. Garrett Corbett is still single after all that time, and he is seeking an upstanding, virtuous woman for a wife. Knowing what he wants, yet attracted to Carly even before he realized who she was, he struggles to forgive her past. Will they be able to admit their growing interest in each other, or will Carly's ex-con past be the stumbling block that keeps them apart forever?

Jacqueline "Jack" Davis is all grown up, and not the slightest interested in men. Determined to make her name as a reporter, she will do anything to get the breaking news. When the temporary preacher, Noah Jeffers, rides in town, she can't help but feel she's known him all her life. Struggling her growing interest in Noah, and her decision to be a reporter in Dallas; she is completely unprepared when his biggest secret may come too late in time to save her heart from falling in love with him. Will the truth set Noah free, or has his biggest shame and secret become his undoing?

This is definitely my favorite book in the Texas Boardinghouse Trilogy. Jack is always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, and Noah is forever trying to redeem himself for his unsavory past. The chemistry between Noah and Jack is undeniable, and it was a breathless experience reading how their story unfolded. Garrett was just about as stubborn as I expected, but of course, his end was completely predictable. It was an exciting, yet thought-provoking journey and there is not a dull moment within these pages.

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