Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Second Chance Brides

by Vickie McDonough

Barbour Publishing

Leah Bennett and Shannon O'Neil are stuck in Lookout, Texas with neither husbands or a place to call home. Ordered completely by accident by the two Corbett brothers trying to find a mail-order bride for their cousin and marshal, Luke Davis, the rascally brothers are ordered to pay the girls' room and board.

After the Corbett brothers host a social for young folks in the surrounding counties, the leftover brides have a daunting challenge ahead. Leah meets someone she could very well fall in love with. But will Dan's unexpected surprise following his brother's death be too much for her to handle?

Shannon is employed to keep the books by the Corbett brothers, being much too stubborn to live off of their forced generosity. But Mark Corbett is a hard man to work for, and she a shy, timid woman. Will Mark ever find happiness after his tainted past? Or will his attempts at protecting Shannon and his reputation ruin any chance the two of them have to be together?

As usual, Mark and Garrett come up with what they think is a solution to their problems - this time in the form of a young people's social. Thinking that the social will marry off the two girls and effectively getting then off their hands, they royally mess things up - again. No matter how much of a headache these two are, I have to admit that they are some very epic brothers. I love every shenanigan they pull, and the results are more entertaining than I might want to admit. If you want a story that will beg to be read again and again, then Second Chance Brides is for you .

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