Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nipped in the Bud

by Susan Sleeman

Barbour Publishers

Paige Turner is a landscaper that is thrilled to land a contract fixing up the park for the upcoming Pickle Fest in Serendipity, Oregon. But when she finds the mayor dead in a pile of her mulch in the park, she becomes the primary suspect in his murder. Her friends hire lawyer Adam Hayes to keep her out of jail and aid her in solving the case before it's too late. With no alibi, Paige sees no way out out except to find the killer herself. Is it the pharmacist who has something to hide about their former mayor? Or is it the librarian with a secret in her past? Or does the wife have any reason to make herself a widow?

This mystery was quite the amusing one, what with the name of Paige Turner and the Pickle Festival. I was quite bemused with the opening paragraph in each chapter, and the news station Paige gives gardening advice on is always getting the strangest callers. At first, I couldn't seem to get into the story. The beginning paragraphs confused me more than interested me, and the story felt as if it was moving slow as molasses. But somewhere before the half-way mark, it finally captured my attention and kept me all the way to the end. A good read, and a good mystery.  

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