Friday, October 26, 2012

The Believer

by Ann Gabhart

Revell Publishers

Elizabeth Duncan has run out of options. With her last living parent gone, two siblings to care for, and no where to live, she turns to the last hope that remains. Remembering the Shaker village in the next county that her father told them stories about, she packs up her brother and sister and presents herself and siblings at Harmony Hill. Despite the strange beliefs that swirl around them, she is relieved that the Shakers provide a roof over their heads in exchange for the labor of their hands. Even though they are provided for, Elizabeth finds herself attracted to a young Believer named Ethan. He is beginning to see her as more than a sister, and Elizabeth fears she will be asked to leave the village in order to keep him from sin. Will she be able to leave her siblings behind forever? Or will Ethan bring himself to acknowledge the love growing in his heart?

This was quite the tender love story, despite the oxymoron of a Shaker romance. Ethan was quite naive to anything and everything in the world, but curious, just like every normal child who knows nothing of the outside. Having grown up in the Shaker village keeps him from experiencing life as he should have, and he is very childlike even as a young adult. A good story line and an entertaining plot. I enjoyed everything about this book, and I really fell in love with all of the well written characters. I give it six stars.

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