Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Parting

by Beverly Lewis

Barbour House Publishing

Nellie Mae Fisher falls in love with Caleb Yoder at a tumultuous time in her Amish community. Her family is in the midst of dealing with the death of a child, and her community is at an impasse with the details of the Ordnung. Nellie tries to balance all the details of her life, but it seems like she is not meant to have everything.

Will the church be able to settle their differences, or will a split be necessary to placate all parties? Will Caleb's father accept them as a couple, or will something bigger keep them apart? Will her sister's death remain a mystery? Nellie wants to do what is right by God and the church, but is stubbornly holding on to Old Ways truly what God wants of her?

I wasn't sure this series had enough to catch my interest, but boy, was I wrong! Somehow the idea of there being trouble in an Amish community in the 60's over the Ordnung rules and ordinances gives us a whole new look into this fascinating world. The plot kept taking new twists and turns, and I turned the page into something I never saw coming more than once.

The family is torn apart when a daughter and sibling dies, and the questions that surround the mystery of her death incite the curiosity of this Old Order Amish household. Lewis has done it again with this first installment to The Courtship of Nellie Fisher series, and it is worth the read. It is based on actual events from a time and place where the redeeming grace of God was given freely to even the most stubborn of hearts.

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