Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 by Lori Wick

Harvest House Publishers

In the frontier town of Denver, Colorado, Sabrina Matthews is given a second chance to escape the perilous life of a prostitute by a policeman and his wife. Danny and Callie give her everything she needs to start a new life, sharing their home and their faith in Jesus Christ.

Cleaning up after working the night district isn't the hard part - it's the past that nips her heels at every turn. Danny and Callie send her to Montana Territory to give her a chance for a fresh start. But will her willingness to help others in Token Creek drive away the first chance she's ever had to fall in love? Or was it a dream that was out a reach for a woman with her checkered past?

When I initially began the story about a prostitute, I was wasn't sure I was going to really get into and enjoy the book. Sabrina surprised and entertained me with it's characters, their relationships with God and each other, but most of all, their love. Without truly knowing about Sabrina's past, the town accepts and embraces her as their own without questions or reservations.

The story was romantic and a page turner, and her past did not dictate who she became. A recommended read, and a book I will read again.

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