Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alaska Twilight

by Coleen Coble

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Haley Mitchell is a photographer that is given the rare opportunity to document biologist Tank Lassiter's work with bears in Alaska. She loves the beauty of the wilderness, but knows how deadly it can really be. Haley struggles with trying to find clues to the mystery of her past, but is strangely drawn to the wilderness  - and Tank. 

Haley is in Alaska for reasons of her own, and so is Tank. He could never imagine living anywhere but Alaska, and with a little girl to raise on his own, he couldn't choose a better place for her to grow up. But when a human death is blamed on one of his grizzlies, Tank is racing against the clock to prove otherwise. Will Tank and Haley find answers in their quests for the truth?

Coble paints some very beautiful word pictures in this novel; scenes of the great Alaskan wilderness and the deadly beauty it offers. While the romantic interests of the characters is the typical song and dance we are getting from almost any Christian romantic novel, this story line is interesting and fresh despite the anticipated outcome. A little bit of mystery and suspense was thrown into the novel, and that kept it fresh and intriguing. A solid read and a good mystery besides.   

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