Sunday, July 29, 2012


by Lori Wick

Harvest House Publishers

Cassidy Norton spends all her days either working in her clothing shop, or spending it with friends from her church family. Despite the hustle and bustle of the small frontier town in Montana Territory, 1880, her life is full, rich and always interesting.

She hasn't always lived in Token Creek, and despite her close friendships with several people and families, she feels like she is keeping a secret by not telling her friends the full story of her past. Thinking she is safe with the people in a town she has grown to love, will the past catch up to her? Or will her reluctance to be honest and forthright cost her more than she is willing to pay?

While this western romance was an easy, fun read, I didn't understand why the author used the phrase "that lady"or "that man" instead of "she" and "he". It's simplicity is much different than I'm used to reading, but it seemed stilted somehow, and odd as far as dialogue goes.

The characters were as big as life, and the story moved along at a comfortable pace. The plot was interesting, and caught me by surprise several times. The characters grew in faith, fell in love, and grew closer together. Human emotions such as fear, love and forgiveness were explored, and the church family should be an inspiration to believers everywhere. A book I will read again and lend/give as gifts.

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