Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Every Secret Thing

by Ann Tatlock

Bethany House Publishers

Beth Gunner returns to the school of her youth, this time as an English teacher. But the mysteries of the past aren't the only things haunting her steps, and despite her questions, there are no simple answers. While she wonders what went wrong with her favorite English teacher, she is terrified thinking that if the answers to her query are ever brought to light - the truth may be more than meets the eye. 

But then the past returns to taunt her, and begins to cloak everything she does. Nightmares that she cannot stop cloud her mind. Something in Beth changes as time progresses, but with more questions than answers she takes each day as it comes. 

I was strangely drawn to this odd, slightly mystifying tale. I couldn't get into it at first, but each time a new element was introduced, my curiosity to see where it would lead took over. While I appreciated the love of literature from several characters, I wish I could have seen more character depth from the four original friends. It is very subtle for a mystery novel, but it was very captivating. Something propelled me on to keep reading, and I felt as if an era had ended when I came to the last page. 

The way the story ended wasn't disappointing, but on some level I wish the author would have given some characters more attention than those that fell away. Ultimately, some characters that were given attention tricked me into thinking they were important. So when the end finally came, I truly was surprised by the outcome.

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