Monday, July 23, 2012

The Longing

by Beverly Lewis

Barbour House Publishing

The thing Nellie Mae Fisher has longed for the most is gone - her dream to be Caleb Yoder's wife. Her stance against the new found faith of her family has changed, and she years to learn more in their New Order church. Her new friend, a young Mennonite, Christian Yoder has secrets to share about Suzy's final days - news that will change how Nellie sees the world. But does he have more than friendship on his mind?

Caleb wants nothing more than to make Nellie his bride, but despite his plans to make a life for them, his plans are thwarted by an accident. Struggling to stay on track, he hopes that Nellie hasn't forgotten him and her promise to be his bride. Will they ever be able to be together? Or will circumstances - and his father keep them apart for good?

This was a very enjoyable ending to the Courtship of Nellie Fisher. Lewis has given us her usual serving of mystery, romance, and family drama to keep me turning pages and loosing sleep. She does not disappoint in this final installment, and keeps everything fresh despite the concurrent theme of her writings. An excellent writing based on actual events. I recommend this book, this series, and this writer.

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