Thursday, August 29, 2013

The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge

by Jeff and Lora Helton
Howard Books

The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge is a practical, once-a-week guide to get you and your spouse communicating on the most intimate level in order to succeed in the institution called marriage. Too often, marriages fall apart because of a lack of communication - not because of things that happen or cannot be controlled. We live in a modern, fast paced world where we have everything we need at our fingertips, and we no longer need others to satisfy our needs. We spend our lives going to work, bouncing from one activity to the next, constantly keeping an eye on our cell phones and devices, and connecting with others through social networks instead of face-to-face communication and quality time. It is too easy to drift apart even if we're sitting right next to each other, and simple things like talking and paying absolute attention to each other is virtually impossible with the trappings and distractions of our little worlds. 

So Jeff and Lora are providing a very simple solution to this modern dilemma: one question a week. That's it! Well that and some effort and enthusiasm on your part is wonderful too. Each short chapter begins with a question that you ask your spouse (you probably should rotate who answers first!) then follows a Bible verse or passage, a brief, encouraging message, and a quote that directly applies with the question for that week. It gives you the chance to sit and talk to your spouse about the things that are important: children, in-laws, fiances, hopes, dreams, jobs, and just about everything about your lives together. Two shall become one, and this is a wonderful jump-start for any marriage; one that is starting out, one you've been in for however many years (yes, even if you think your marriage is almost 100% perfect!), or even if you're thinking about getting married. Communication is the key, and it leads to resolution for all those little issues that cause friction, fights, and falling out. A recommended little guide for anyone with a wedding (or engagement ring) on their fingers. 

This book was provided by Howard Books for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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