Sunday, August 18, 2013

Angel Eyes

by Shannon Dittemore
Thomas Nelson Publishers

Even after her mother's untimely death, Brielle was having a pretty decent life. Living with her dad in the little town of Stratus, Oregon, they share a quiet existence together. When discovered by a talent agent at the age of sixteen, Brielle's life changes dramatically - for the better. As the only daughter of a logger, life as a ballerina in the big city is too tempting an offer to turn away. Two years later she returns home, much changed by her experiences. Death stalks her every breathing moment, and with it a jaded and jarring disappointment in the human race.

Brielle learns there is a world she cannot see, at least not until she sees with Celestial eyes. She can only see with her Terrestrial eyes, and the world that is opened up to her brings her beyond the point of her disbelief and the Maker who controls it all. What will it take to make her see the Truth? Will it take her death before she finally believes?

First, I'm going to say that book was an attention grabber. Secondly, while I feel that it was indeed written primarily for young people, the truths contained in this novel are for everyone. Thirdly, Dittemore's correlation between the Biblical Elisha and her presumably in-the-present setting was intriguing, enthralling, and breathtakingly mysterious all rolled into one. Last but not least, the ending definitely leave you hanging and wanting more, but that's just something you'll have to discover for yourself.

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