Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sisters of Mercy Flats

by Lori Copeland 
Harvest House Publishers

If nothing else, the one thing the McDougal sisters can do well is swindle a man faster than Robin Hood of old. Naturally, such going-ons can only go unpunished for so long. So when the McDougal sisters find themselves facing some serious jail time, there isn't much the fast talking trio can come up with to get out of this one. Luckily, their disguise save the day and three men see their plight in passing and come to the rescue. The problem isn't the fact that they're being rescued, the trouble lies in who one particular sister, Abigail, ends up with. Her sisters get fine, strong, capable and strapping young men. But she is stuck with a traveling shoe salesman who doesn't seem to have the slightest clue on how to keep them alive as they wander travel through Texas. 

Hershall Digman doesn't have the first idea on how to handle the rambunctious Abigail and has even less idea on what to do when she steals his horse and the packet of papers in his saddlebags. He has a mission to fulfill, and her taking off like her life depended on it is not helping matters at all. He is running out of time, resources, and patience; and now has sensitive papers to find, along with the girl who took off with them. He knows the simplest way to explain himself is tell her the truth about who he really is and agree to take her where she needs to go. But that is going to prove nearly impossible to accomplish with the minx sporting unusually green eyes and an even more unusual personality. Will they be able to solve their differences in time to get them both to their designated meeting places? 

This was definitely one of those laugh-out-loud romances that had me giggling with delight every other page. Okay, so some parts were more serious and danger filled, but a lot was just downright funny. I have meet some pretty feisty characters in the pages of novels...but Abigail sure did beat them all! She was in action faster than I could guess what she was going to do, and just had my head spinning. Her "rescuer" played the part of a bumbling idiot so well I almost believed he was completely in the dark about survival skills. These two will have you alternately laughing and holding your breath just wondering what they're going to get into next!

This book was provided by Harvest House Publishers for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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