Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Outcast

by Jolina Petersheim
Tyndale House Publishers

Raised in an Old Order Mennonite community, Rachel and Leah have been inseparable since before they were born. As identical twins they do everything together. But their personalities are as opposite as night and day. Leah is meek, quiet and submissive; and Rachel is fiercely independent, stubborn and strong-willed. So when Leah marries a bishop and moves to Tennessee, it is Rachel she calls upon to help her when she becomes ill with her first pregnancy. 

Secrets long hidden are coming to light, and Rachel's arrival to her twin sister's home may not be the best thing for either of them. When Rachel turn up pregnant, Leah's husband, Tobias, is more than ready to put Rachel out of their home for her adultery. But while Rachel is not confessing who the father is, her childhood friend, Judah King, desperately wants to make her his wife even though she has a child. When the baby's life is at stake, will the partner in her sin come forward to save little Eli's life?

This novel is in a genre all it's own; Amish, suspense, and re-told classic all rolled into one! Naturally, the story line itself is of great interest to anyone who has read the scarlet letter (or researched it well enough to write school reports on it!) but while I have never read the original tale, this one was more than enough to satisfy my curiosity! I was completely blown away by the tension throughout this book, and the page turning action and conflicts had me at the edge of my seat. It is unique, poignant, and an unforgettable saga of love, betrayal, forgiveness and mercy.

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