Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Memory's Door

by James L. Rubart
Thomas Nelson Publishers

The Warrior Riders are back, and they must choose who to free next. Reveling in their previous victory against the Evil One, Reese, Dana, Brandon and Marcus are up for an adventure none of them want to miss. But discerning who is friend and who is foe is going to be harder than any of them realize, and all of them struggle with their own unique problems.  

Reese is desperately fighting off the inner voices that taunt him with his loss of vision. Depression weighs him down like a wet blanket, and he seemingly has no hope for a bright future with his blindness. Dana is moving up in the world, but struggles to know if she is on the right path. Brandon's popularity is dropping, and with it, his confidence. And Marcus is still living with the guilt after the death of his son. Can these four of the Prophecy truly fight against the Evil One and win? Or is their fate forever going to be among the Lost? 

Rubart's novel really opens your eyes to how the devil blinds us to sin in order to tempt us with the promise of a more self-fulfilled life. Even the strongest believer can fall, and the devil makes it so easy to give in to the flesh and do what we feel is right. It is well written, and despite not having read the first one yet, I was still able to grasp the story line and characters without trouble whatsoever. This story will draw you in and examine the deepest recesses of your heart, and you will not come out of it the same. You will see the spiritual realm in a new light, with fresh eyes and a heaviness for those who are still blinded to the Truth. 

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for free in exchange for an honest review. 

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