Monday, August 12, 2013

Burning Sky

by Lori Benton
WaterBrook Press

Willa Obenchain was abducted by the Mohawk Indians at the age of fourteen, and has re-invented herself as one of their People. They have given her the name of Burning Sky, and she has gained their trust and confidence that as a white woman, she has what it takes to be one of them. Driven to return to her "real family" after so long with her new one, she struggles with the cultural divide. Back in the place of her childhood, she finds her country has been ravished by war. In just the twelve years she was absent, the Revolutionary War has come and gone, and her childhood home is in horibble disrepair. 

Then a brother from the People arrives and puts everything she has re-gained into question. Her parents are missing and rumored to be running with the kind of crowd that if caught, will get them hanged. Two young men lay in wait for her heart, Richard Waring whom she admired many years in the past, and Neil MacGregor who is kind, gentle, and caring for the land and the many people in it. Will she be able to return with Tames-His-Horse back to the People? Or is her life as Burning Sky gone from her forever? 

This brilliant novel combines two of my childhood loves; the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, and Indians. As a child, I never understood the fear of Indians that is depicted in the history books and fictional accounts of the "savages". I have always been intrigued by them and their way of life. I determined that if I could live in the past, I would want to be abducted by them so I could see life as a trusted captive and even marry one of their brave warriors and be his squaw. With this novel, Benton has captured the essence and spirit of the times. The hurts and triumphs and dangers of living on the American Frontier despite all odds, and for all the people that did and would inhabit it. Benton writes with the simple passion of one telling a story close to her heart. Her imaginary is more than words on a page, it seeps into your sub-conscience and makes you feel that if you just close your eyes, you too can step into the past with Burning Sky and see her world through her perspective...

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