Monday, May 13, 2013

Wisdom to Know

by Elizabeth Maddrey

Hope Springs Books

Lydia Brown has everything wrong with her life. Overshadowed by her perfect sisters with their perfect lives, she struggles to be the woman her family expects her to be. Her father is a pastor, making her feel she has to have a life the reflects his calling. But instead of aspiring to be better for God, she decides the pressure of it all is too much.   

When a mistake with a boyfriend leaves her with an unplanned pregnancy, she panics. Not wanting to be discovered, she desperately tries to hide her sin; hoping that an abortion will erase everything. But her best friend Kevin McGregor knows something is amiss, and despite his efforts, Lydia remains closed off to everyone. After a car accident leaves her family and Kevin with more questions than answers, Kevin must come to grips with God's plan for Lydia - and where he fits into the shattered pieces that are her life.

This was a very sobering novel of the reality of a life that has taken the wrong turn. Even more so is the realization that once you've stepped off the path of God's will, it just gets easier to keep making the wrong choices. Instead of facing up to the past and acknowledging she needed help, she kept getting deeper and deeper into sin. While many of us think we have more sense than to get into what we consider really bad stuff, how easy is it to give ground, little by little, to the devil? A well written novel that reminded me of the grace of God that keeps me day by day.

This book was provided for free by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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