Thursday, May 9, 2013

At Every Turn

by Anne Mateer

Bethany House Publishers

Alyce Benson is as impulsive and impetuous as they come. Raised in a family of means in 1916, she is accustomed to getting things taken care of, with money never being an object. But when she offers to donate three thousand dollars to the missionary work in Africa, she gets in way over her head. Thinking her father will just give her the money, she is in for a disappointment when her father refuses to give to her cause.

Left up the creek with no paddle, she tries to get creative on raising the money herself. Having a secret love of fast automobiles, she comes up with an idea of a lifetime. Her father's mechanic, Webster, tells her that her father's company is sponsoring a car he's been working on in upcoming races across the country. The winner can take home up to five thousand dollars in prize money. 

But money slips through her fingers as she sees needs in the community she can't ignore. She turns to Webster to help her safeguard the money, but then things come up about him that make her question her judgement to trust him. Will she be able to keep her word and have the money ready for the missionary couple who so desperately need it? Or will she loose everything even as she tries to salvage her promise and the man she has come to love? 

Mateer as always, gives a spectacular novel that can't be rivaled. The characters are alive and vibrant, the story line refreshing and humorous at times. But the absolute best part about her novels is the fact that she makes you feel like the story is your own. You forget that you are in the present day as you, (for just a moment) pretend it is you who is behind the wheel driving madly for the finish line. I can promise you an adventure if you read this novel, and I know you will enjoy every bit as much as I did.  

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