Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Courage to Change

by Elizabeth Maddrey

Hope Spring Books

Phil Reid is a divorced attorney with the strong belief that re-marriage is wrong. He bases his belief on what what the Bible says, and he blames himself for the divorce from his ex-wife Brandi. When he became a Christian, he most certainly did not expect the dissolution of his marriage; but when partying and drinking are no longer his extra curricular activities, his wife Brandi wants none of it. Helpless to show her the Light that is now in his life, Phil has no choice but to let his wife go.

But the last thing Brandi wants is to be let go. Even though she left Phil, Brandi is angry and bitter that he is living life without her. So when Phil finally admits his to himself that he has feelings for fellow attorney, Allison Vasek, he is leery of pursuing a relationship because of his doubts about remarriage. Allison is everything he needs in a wife, but still he hesitates. When Brandi begins to show up in their life and threatens their lives, it becomes a matter of choice. Will Allison ever find her happy ending that she's been waiting so long for? Or is Phil right in his belief that God frowns on remarriage of believers? 

It was so nice to continue the story that Maddrey teased us with at the end of her last novel. This particular novel dealt with the age old "should Christians remarry" issue. It is a tough question, and as so many things in life there are gray areas. But Maddrey dealt with it gracefully, and showed why in some cases it can still be God-honoring to do so. The story had some characters from the first book in the Grant Us Grace series, but it can be read alone and enjoyed just as much. An excellent, thought-provoking novel. 

This book was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.

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