Saturday, May 25, 2013

Love's Pursuit

by Siri Mitchell

Bethany House Publishers

Susannah Philips lives in a Puritan community in Stoneybrooke, Massachusetts. Just as her faith in God is seemingly preordained, so is her betrothal and marriage to John Prescotte. A beautiful redhead, she is unaware of how her appearance affects members of the opposite sex. She is only concerned that her goodness must be apparent to all, because the thoughts she harbors in her head are exactly what her community condemns.

When the community is threatened by Indians, a military captain is sent to protect them. Captain Daniel Holcombe is precisely the kind of man Susannah knows she should stay away from, but something about him draws her like a bee to honey. The way he views God is completely against what the Puritans have taught her, and the way he approaches everything in life is contrary to what she thinks she believes.

So when the town's wealthiest bachelor, Simeon Wright, asks for her hand in marriage, she is taken aback and confused as to what to do. Having no real reason to deny Simeon, her confusion about her feelings for Daniel only increase, and her bewilderment over John not stepping in to claim her only serve to spin her future in hapless circles. Will she be able to sort out her feelings in time? Or is a love greater than that of any man pursuing her?  

This read more like a tragedy than a romance. I really got into this story, despite my intentions to the contrary. As I sat there and read about Susannah's struggles and the ever-observing eyes of Small-hope, I couldn't help but wonder if girls like this existed in the past. The pain of Small-hope's past and the heartbreaking future awaiting Susannah are just some of the things you will have to read for yourself. I promise you it will be a pleasant journey. Just don't expect a light, fluffy, happy ending. This one will get to you, and the story will stay with you long after it is over. 

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