Saturday, May 4, 2013


by Travis Thrasher

Faith Words Publishers

Tyler Harrison has lived his whole life waiting for that big break, that big project, that big something that will make him feel that he has achieved his life's purpose. But it seems that no matter what he does, no matter what big artist he produces and records, he just can't seem to arrive to that feeling of satisfaction. His entire life has been one big disappointment, and no matter what he achieves, it is never enough.

Months before his 40th birthday, he is approached by a man that claims he is an angel named Matthew. Matthew tells Tyler he is going to die on his 40th birthday, and gives him some evidence to prove that what he is saying is true. Confused, Tyler doesn't know what to do with the information he's been given. He doesn't doubt the angel for a second, but he does wonder what he's supposed to do with the knowledge. As the days draw closer to his birthday, he sees his life as it truly is, not as what he has supposed it to be. Will Tyler learn the purpose of the day of his death being revealed? And will he be able to redeem a life wasted in time?

You know a book is well written when you feel you are going losing your mind right alongside the main character. Oddly enough, this book gave me a picture of how my own life can be. I didn't get all the music references, probably because I'm too young for all that. But I felt like I was Tyler. And as I saw how his life was, and how it could have been; it really gave me a wake-up slap and made me realize that the choices we make really do affect those around us as well as ourselves. This has made it to the top of my list as a definite favorite from Thrasher. A work well done and an absolutely amazing read. 

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