Friday, May 31, 2013

Perfecting Kate

by Tamara Leigh

Multnomah Publishers

Kate Meadows is pretty sure she has her life in order. She believes in embracing singledom and being unbelievable and inconceivably happy. As a successful San Francisco artist, she doesn't need a man in the picture. But then, not just one, but two men enter her life unexpectedly. Michael Palmier is a makeup artist who actually seems to be flirting with her, not her perfect roommate, Maia. The only thing she can't take about him is that he keeps handing her business cards to people who zap away physical imperfections - for a price. 

Then there is Dr. Clive Alexander. Once a cosmetic surgeon for the rich and famous, he has changed specialties and now works for a hospital as a reconstructive burn specialist and surgeon. Too bad her hearts skips a beat every time she sees him, as he sees to be only interested in her work. As she fights herself and God on some big decisions in her life, how far will she go to perfect herself? And is lying by silence really lying or just shielding others from the awful truth? 

Kate has got to be, hands down, the funniest girl in chick lit. Maybe I just haven't read enough of the genre, but Leigh brings Kate to life that is in a word - perfect. She's flawed, her relationship with God is teetering on disaster at times, and the predicaments she gets herself into are all too true to life. But more than all that, it brings us to the sobering question on where our walk with God actually is. Are we like Kate and "skip out" on our time with God because we have "so much" going on? Kate learned the hard way that God's ways are higher than our ways, and that being the case, the most we can do is listen, and obey.

This book was provided for free by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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