Monday, December 3, 2012

Sky Blue

by Travis Thrasher

Moody Press

Colin Scott is at the top of his game. Representing the biggest names in the publishing world, he works with authors in securing their loyalty - and their
manuscripts. But despite his success, he can't help but feel that life has fallen short of his expectations. His wife Jen, wants to have a baby, and no matter how much they try, their hopes die with the negative results every month. In time she drifts away from him, frustrated by the demands of their jobs, and their lack of emotional connection.

Finally, in a desperate attempt to re-connect with Jen and remember all the good things in life, he takes her on a romantic vacation in Cancun. What should have been a time to save their marriage ends up taking a disastrous turn. Obsessed with a manuscript he wants to make better, and distracted by the things he wants and has; the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred. Will he ever be able to pull himself out of the miry pit that has been dug, or is it too late to save himself?

There are so many emotions I felt after reading this book, I don't even really know where to start. Being inside someone's mind for a big part of the novel was challenging. Not able to see things for myself, but relying on Colin's fragmented memories was hard. But even though I was warned he was headed for a nervous breakdown, I never saw it coming. I was so shocked to read the final pages, I felt as if I should just start over, see the evidence for myself. I was utterly transfixed by this book; completely confused, awed, surprised, and grieved all at once. A splendid book that will make you re-evaluate what is most important to you in this life, and a reminder not to take those we love for granted. Because once they're gone it is too late.    

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