Saturday, December 22, 2012


by Stephen R. Lawhead

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Bran ap Brychan is the heir to the throne in Elfael. But when his father and all his military men are slaughtered, Bran disappears into the forest with a ransom on his head. The forest to which he flees is a living, breathing, mysterious wood complete with danger, secrets, and powers that he does not understand.

Unwilling to fight for what is rightfully his, Bran must make a decision: become the king Elfael needs to survive in the ancient Welsh lands, or let the Norman invaders take his land, his heritage, and his family's honor. Will Bran stand to defend what is his, or will he let his countrymen down and forever change the history of medieval Britain?

Let me begin by saying just how boring this book really is. Yes, the premise is interesting. Yes, it's a different twist on the story of Robin Hood. But it is the most boring book I've ever read. Maybe my reading comprehension sucks. Maybe my tolerance for names I can't pronounce without a guide (which I ended up pronouncing my own way anyway) is so bad I actually fall in the ignorant category. But by heavens, even Shakespeare is more exciting. So that said, I would recommend this book for those interested in Celtic mythology and folklore. The rest of you - read at your own risk.

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