Wednesday, December 5, 2012


by Lisa Samson

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Life just didn't turn out the way Jose and Nina had planned. Jose struggles with the guilt of his past despite the support of a big and loving family. Nina cannot get away from the memories of her childhood, and it is aiding her in making bad decisions. With no one but herself to take care of, she lives one day at a time, dreams of becoming a dancer a distant memory. Jose fights the the memories of the past, and Nina helplessly watches her dreams slowly slip away into the past.

But just one day can change a person's life, and when Jose steps forward to protect the naive Nina, they are both pleasantly surprised by the outcome. But can Jose's friendship be enough to help Nina make the right choice - especially when a lot more than dashed dreams are at stake? Will Jose finally find his place in the world, or is the past going to haunt his future forever?

This was a delightful book to read, despite it's short length. While I have not yet had the privilege of seeing the film version of this story, Samson gives a brief but pleasant overview of events in this novelization of the film. An enjoyable read with a wonderful cast of characters that mirrors the memories of my own family.

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