Friday, December 14, 2012

Blown Away

by Nancy Mehl

Barbour Publishers

Hilde Higgins is deathly afraid of clowns. When she finds out her boyfriend is a clown for a children's hospital, it's too late to rethink their relationship. But when Adam stands accused of killing two of his fellow clowns, she begins to second guess the man she thinks he is. Will their mutual friend Gabe be able to help her subjectively separate fact from fiction? Did Adam really kill his friends for money, or is he being framed?

This actually turned out to be the sequel to Missing Mabel, and I was very happily surprised to realize it was a continuation of a story that I was familiar with. Hilde is a down-to-earth gal that fixes the hair of the recently deceased, and the poor girl is constantly finding herself in one fix or another. She wears her hair with a purple streak down the middle, but I can't help but really like the girl despite her constant penchant for getting into trouble. Her casual, easygoing attitude is hard to dislike, and her love of everything and everybody is contagious. A very pleasant book to read anytime.

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