Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Thorn

by Beverly Lewis

Bethany House

Rose is the youngest child and daughter of the Kauffman family, and a spirited young woman. Best friends with the bishop's foster son, Nick, and being courted by a good Amish boy, Rose thinks she has almost everything she wants in life. With the exception that her mother is an invalid, Rose finds joy in her family, friends, and faith. But she soon discovers that life is not a bed of roses, and is caught betwixt and between two lives and two loves. Will she ever be able to make the right decision?

Hen left her Amish family and faith behind when she married a man of the world. Brandon was good to her, until Hen decided to go back to her Plain life and the Old Ways. Taking their daughter with her, she tries to find her way among the People she abandoned. Will Hen and Brandon ever be able to make peace with their lifestyles and love - before an imminent separation tears them apart?

The Thorn was a wonderful beginning to the Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis. So many conflicts surround the Kauffman family, and it reminded me that the Amish are just life us - plagued by fears, and followed by the same troubles we are. It's a tale that will take you to a time and place that is only ever weaved into words by a really good author. A sweet story that entertained me and I enjoyed it immensely as well.  

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