Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Cousin's Promise

by Wanda Brunstetter

Barbour Publishers

Loraine Miller promised Wayne Lambright that she would love him forever, and agrees to be his bride. But when Loraine, and 7 other friends and cousins are involved in a fatal accident, those that remain face numerous obstacles. Wayne wakes up to find himself crippled, and Loraine is there by his side supporting him as he deals with his loss. But Wayne feels like half a man, and tells Loraine that the wedding is off.

Then Jake Beechy, Loraine's old boyfriend, comes back to town. Wayne does what he can to get Jake and Loraine back together, but Loraine stubbornly persists that she promised Wayne forever and meant it. Meanwhile, Jake struggles to get her back despite his blame in the reason they broke apart in the first place. Will Wayne and Loraine work through his injury and make a home together? Or will Jake be the one to win Loraine's hand in marriage?

This story was a classic tale of a girl caught between two excellent choices, while struggling to make the right decision and sticking to her promises. I learned a lot about the Amish from Indiana, and the plot kept my interest the entire book. I liked how simple the language was, and despite the abundance of characters, I was able to keep everyone straight.

The accident portrayed in this book really opened my eyes to how suddenly life can change - and the true struggles people will face in light of that tragedy. This book was a good reminder that God controls our lives, in the good times and the bad. 

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