Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charlotte Leaves the Light On

by Annette Smith

Moody Publishers

Charlotte Carter and her house of girls in Ruby Prairie, Texas are living from day to day never knowing when it will be time for the girls to go back home. Charlotte knows their stay is only temporary, but she can't help but fall in love with every single on of them. She knows it will only be harder when they leave, but love is the only way to live - even when it breaks your heart.

When Jock Masters, the pastor of Lighted Way, makes a discovery inside the church, it changes things between him and Charlotte. Will Charlotte be able to bring more needy children to Tanglewood, or will loosing the ones she has break her heart for good?

In this final installment to the Coming Home to Ruby Prairie Series, Smith does not disappoint. Charlotte  returns to us yet again for another scoop of southern fried love. The quirky characters yet again, captured my heart and made me wish Ruby Prairie was a real place I could go and visit. The series does not disappoint, and is every bit as heartwarming as a heaping serving of comfort food on a cold winter evening. A recommended read for anyone who enjoys a good book.

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