Monday, August 13, 2012

The Lightkeeper's Daughter

 by Collen Coble

Thomas House Publishers

Addie Sullivan lives in an undisturbed lighthouse with her mother after her father's death in Mercy Falls, California. She cares after people who wash up on her shore, happy to help tend to those who need her most. One night, a mysterious stranger is brought in with the storm, claiming that she is the lost daughter of a wealthy family. Curious, but not wanting to reveal her identity, she agrees to leave her home to fulfill her mission.

Once she arrives, she loves the Eaton's home built among the redwood forests. Edward, the little boy she is governess to, along with his father, John, find a place in her heart in no time at all. But the whispered secrets of the past, along with the new clues that point to sinister circumstances bring her to the brink of discovery again and again. Will she be able to piece the puzzle before it is too late, or will the past rear it's ugly head to claim her as well?  

I particularly love this author, but a series set in the past seemed a little different for Coble. I was worried she would either give up historical detail, or the mystery and intrigue she is so well known for. I worried for nothing. Coble has masterfully weaved of tale of romance, historical setting, suspense, and kept me turning pages till I lost a whole night of sleep.

I started this book with reluctance, but now I can barely wait to read the rest of the series. The author has done the world of Christian fiction a favor by weaving her stories, and I, for one, cannot wait to discover more.

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